As we all know 2020 shook the world and made us live in a completely different environment. Watching up close and from afar we have seen women pull themselves up from the boots straps and create magic. 


MBW now wants to expand its reach by honoring some of those womxn. When we say WOMXN we mean every type of womxn hence the X. This is a safe place for a diverse group of women to be highlighted for their superior ventures, talents, services, products, and more.

Major Business Womxn brought to you by 0514 Design is a seasonal apparel line catered to the money-making, go-getter, 24/7, I eat and breath my dreams and manifest them WOMXN. 


Just know your hard work will pay off.

Waking up messy bun and right to the money. THAT'S MAJOR!

Zoom call with the sweats on under the desk. THAT'S MAJOR!

Mommies being teachers and providers. THAT'S MAJOR!

9-5 chick with a hustle. THAT'S MAJOR!

Being a Major Business Womxn means living a life where "work" means freedom, control, and fun! The freedom to determine your goals and your own path to reaching them. The control of being your own boss and the fun of working with other Major Business Womxn — a community of bosses that constantly lifts and supports each other.





10:00 AM-6:30 PM


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